The Reading List

I’m trying to keep a working list of books I should read (as opposed to the unending collection of papers that I dip into, and continually add to); after getting rid of some old physical geography textbooks, I’ve exchanged their bookshelf spaces for another load, which I intend to work through. I don’t currently have access to a library (that will come in september), so I’m starting with books I want to read deeply, rather than skim through in a rush.

The idea is, now I’ve been talking through my theoretical grounding with Supervisor (and Supervisor 2), I will be reading these texts with an eye towards my own themes, rather than just because the ideas within are interesting. I’m still developing said theoretical grounding, and one of the issues for this first year is going to be making the ground that bit more solid, identifying theorists and theories more firmly.

I’ve decided it’s high time I read Supermasochist (and watch the film too), because so far, discussions of it form the overwhelming majority (of a tiny minority) of texts that have explicitly addressed BDSM and disability together. Most of the others have been on my list for a while; I know I’m going to struggle with Diprose, as I haven’t been able to get into her writing previously; Tremain may well present the same issues – I remember trying to read it a few years ago, and struggling, but sometimes I need to read things a few times to work out what I think they’re trying to say.


The To-Read Pile

Georges Bataille – Eroticism

Rosalyn Diprose – The Bodies of Women

Margot Weiss – Techniques of Pleasure

Elizabeth Grosz – Volatile Bodies: Toward a Corporeal Feminism

Shelley Tremain – Foucault and the Government of Disability

Bob Flanagan – Supermasochist


And the re-reading list

Elizabeth Grosz – Space, Time, and Perversion

Elizabeth Grosz – Sexy Bodies

Elaine Scarry – The Body in Pain

Robert McRuer – Crip Theory

Robert McRuer and Anna Mollow – Sex and Disability

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