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#BADD2016 – On Pain (of course) and the Personal

This post is for Blogging Against Disablism Day 2016. You should go read the rest of the blogs and check the hashtag #BADD2016 on Twitter. Massive thanks, as always, to Goldfish for organising this. When I tell people about the … Continue reading

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Panorama, painkillers, and pain.

I’m watching the Hooked on Painkillers episode of Panorama from the 2nd. I’m quite often leery of this sort of programme, as I think it can feed into the perception of people with a need for painkillers as drug-seeking, and … Continue reading

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Language and Choices

In a brief twitter conversation with the people over at PhD(isabled), I found myself re-reading the Society for Disability Studies’ Guide to Accessible Presentations. The guide mentions using Simple English, or moving towards Simple English. I’ve come across Basic English … Continue reading

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Thinking critically about critical thinking (or, down the rabbit hole)

One of the things I’ve been considering lately – other than why my spacebar keeps sticking – is the role of critical thinking, and reflexive thinking, in my reading and in the development of my methodology. For me, the two … Continue reading

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Foucalt and the social model

I’m currently reading Foucault and the Government of Disability, edited by Shelley Tremain (2005); I read it a few years ago, but not properly, and certainly not critically – so I’m re-reading it. Foucault is one of those theorists whose … Continue reading

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