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Devotees and Disability

Last week, BBC3 showed a documentary, Meet the Devotees (on youtube for non-UK types). I, of course, got excited, but I’ve held off watching it because I’ve been: a) on thesis-writing deadline lockdown; b) enjoying a fibro-flare and thus trying … Continue reading

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Dissertation (again)

Right. Dissertation has a blog of it’s very own – Silenced Voices. Enjoy. Tell everyone even if you don’t enjoy. Excuse me while I drink more lemsip and get snot everywhere.

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Sex and Disability (a.k.a. Dissertation Fun Time)

After handing in my final essay last week – and taking an entirely reasonable week off – it’s time to start playing with my dissertation. What I’m looking at hasn’t changed since I handed in my proposal; as it’s Blogging … Continue reading

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Rambling about gender studies

Do you remember Tom Martin, the man who is suing LSE for “anti-male bias” on its Gender Studies course? No, stop giggling at the back. He’s serious. But I’m not talking about Martin, who is frankly a bit of a … Continue reading

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The power of penis (sorry, mother)

I’ll freely admit it: I love reading romance novels. I don’t really make any pretence at being one of those people who only ever read great literary works – I read fiction for fun, and I loathe Dickens, and while … Continue reading

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